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Types, Characteristics and Applications of Steel Storage Tanks

Industries that need to utilize large amounts of water also require sustainable and safe storage options.  A steel tank is a superb alternative for storing water in the underground and above ground applications. Above ground storage are tanks which are installed over the surface of the floor, and underground tanks are set up in a pit dug in the floor, and stay buried there.  

Above ground and underground steel storage tanks have several distinct features. The above ground tanks can be found in single-wall, double-wall, or triple-wall storage configurations. Their capacities could vary from a couple of hundred gallons to 20,000 gallons over the conventional variations. But, a customized tank could be designed and made to maintain larger water capabilities.  Such water storage tank can be found in fire-protected versions also.  

A steel tank is not the favorite tank kind for underground storage.  But, certain firms may choose steel tank for particular reasons. A septic tank is the product of choice for many underground fuel storage applications.  

There are lots of link features which make a steel storage tank efficient and safe when used over prolonged intervals.  These attributes are discussed briefly below. Steel is less resistant to rust in both underground and above ground applications. But, the tanks could be manufactured to show exceptional corrosion-resistance.  

Steel tanks are simply accessible and personnel working onsite can access tanks readily in regards to analyzing or maintenance.  Steel storage tanks have low upkeep: The tank is fitted with quality parts which do not need continuous care and repair and are thus a much better investment.  

Steel storage tanks have several significant uses. Regardless of the growing popularity of fiberglass, you will find many companies all around the world that continue to rely on a steel tank.  For example, they are used for storing potable water from residential complexes and municipal companies.  They are also used for keeping water to be used for gardening, irrigation, or even landscaping.  

Steel storage tank can be found in water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants.  They are used for treating and storing wastewater and gray water.  A steel tank is crucial at fire stations as large quantities of water can be stored in such tanks, ready to be pumped into a fire truck.  

Along with the aforementioned applications, a steel tank could also be utilized in mining operations, rainwater harvesting and commercial use.  Based on the task that such a tank is employed in, it ought to stick to specific industry standards and codes laid down by national agencies.

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